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built for those living beyond the edge

Headquartered in Israel, Camikaze are engaged in the manufacturing of premium consumer drone technology and aerial photography systems based 100% on proven Israeli military technology.

The decades of self-sacrifice our team has endured in the military realm has inspired a level of technological dedication and precision that was previously unimaginable to the civilian consumer.

Until today, consumers, athletes and extreme sports professionals have been forced to compromise, by employing second-rate civilian drone technology.


Camikaze are bringing to market, the first ever consumer drone, tailored from the ground up, for the autonomous documentation of extreme sports.

A unique drone, based on tested military grade technology, capable of capturing extreme sport scenes in the most hostile aerial environments

A drone capable of executing the most extreme aerial maneuvers, capturing cinematic angles that until today were considered unachievable in the civilian world.

A drone with precision self-landing capabilities ensuring your perfect landing is always, perfectly captured.

A drone that can maintain extreme speed and altitude; tracking, following and recording its objective, even whilst in complete free fall.

A drone leveraging the most advanced visual AI technologies, enabling you to share your automatically edited video adventures instantaneously, across multiple social channels… via a single command.

A drone with integrated hybrid tracking technology and advanced image sensors, ensuring sensationally smooth, high quality, HD recording, executed completely autonomously to ensure you never miss a moment.